We went over to Marlborough this morning because our favourite café, The Food Gallery had emailed to say that as it is my birthday next week, I was entitled to a free coffee and chocolate brownie, so not being one to turn down a freebie, off we went.

On the way, I took a photograph of some stark wintry trees, which Mr. HCB thinks are probably poplars, and thought they would be a good subject for Wide Angle and also Wild Wednesday today and I rather liked them in mono.

I also spotted a spider's web on the fence of the bridge crossing the River Kennet when we got to Marlborough and have put this in as an extra.

It’s been a grey and very murky day - not much fun being out in it, except I got two Blip shots, but after tomorrow, the shortest day, as my lovely Mother-in-law always use to say “The days will be getting longer now!”  

“I realise there’s something
     incredibly honest about
          trees in winter - 
               how they’re experts
                    at letting things go.”
Jeffrey McDaniel

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