We have had these hanging Christmas baubles for quite a few years and it usually goes at the bottom of the stairs, where people can easily bang their heads - not on purpose you understand - but we really haven’t got anywhere else to put them.  

I decided that it would make a good Abstract Thursday theme as our Christmas card to all our Blip friends, so took it into the kitchen and played with it, taking lots of shots.  I then decided that it could still go at the bottom of the stairs, on a hook, but instead of it hanging down low, I positioned it differently, so now, hopefully, no-one will knock themselves out - Mr. HCB and I looked at each and laughed and wondered why we hadn’t thought of that years ago!

Mr. HCB and I made a conscious decision not to send Christmas cards about three years ago - preferring instead to support several smaller charities.  The first year, we (meaning probably just me, because Mr. HCB is not a card sender anyway!) felt a little guilty, but knowing that our money is doing far more good by being given to those much less fortunate definitely assuages the guilt.

So to all you lovely Blippers, we wish you a very Happy Christmas - may you have a wonderful time with your family and friends and may you be truly blessed at this wonderful season.

I know I have quoted this before, but it is so true and bears quoting again:

“Want to keep Christ in Christmas? 
Feed the hungry, 
     clothe the naked, 
          forgive the guilty, 
               welcome the unwanted, 
care for the ill, 
     love your enemies, 
          and do unto others 
               as you would have done 
                    unto you.” 
Steve Maraboli: 
Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

P.S.  If you look carefully, you can just see a little bit of pink - I took this just after I had had my shower, complete with pink robe!

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