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By Damnonii

Mad World...


We were supposed to go to Ele and Kenny's this afternoon but Kenny's mum isn't well, so they went to see her instead and the "kids" - nephew and niece Andrew and Jennifer, and Andrew's girlfriend Nikki came to ours for dinner.

Like all impromptu dinners, there was slight panic as to what to make for our unexpected guests (David and I had lamb for two) but the local coop saved the day and I made these three lovely sirloin steaks with homemade  peppercorn sauce.

They arrived with Christmas gifts so we had our gift exchange, Lola went mad with excitement at seeing them (Andrew and Nikki have looked after Lola a few times so she knows them well and loves them.) 

We had a fun evening that culminated in watching Dirty Dancing.  I know everyone raves about it (well everyone I know) but I saw it when it came out in 1987 and though it was an awful film.  I've wanted to watch it again for ages just to see how the older me responds to it.  Yip.  Still think it's a load of old rubbish!  :-)))

Today Lola is six months old and I had hoped to Blip her, but didn't get any decent photos of her.  You'll just have to put up with our silly face straws instead :D

I seem to be blipping a day behind at the moment.  Hopefully I will catch up with myself before the end of the week! 

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