27th December - my birthday actually

Today was my birthday. 
Probably the last one I am counting :)
Neil had more lovely presents for me!!!! 
One I knew, tickets for Simple Minds in Glasgow in February. Then a Caipirinha set and Havaianas, to practise for Rio and a beautiful mushroom knife for the next season. And some really posh 99% chocolate and marzipan. I love marzipan and this is divine!
We went to shop the essentials, then we got on the train to go to the Spa! This was the plan to do on my birthday - full relaxation!
We spent over 7 hours in the lovely Vabali Spa, did plenty of sauna, snoozing and relaxing.
It was easier today as we did not come directly from work and the days on the farm had already done the main part of the needed brain reset.
It was after 11 pm when we left and just made it into Kaiser's to get some water before we got home.
It was a lovely day.

Excuse me blipping Neil again, posing in front of the Pearl Jam poster. We will see them also in July in Berlin - this was one of my Christmas presents for my lovely man, of course totally minor to the Rio tickets :)
Neil is wearing his usual Berlin attire! The kilt that gives him a lot of attention :) 

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