Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Dusk in snowy hills

A late walk at this time of year is a dodgy undertaking, and when it's been overcast with snow clouds since dawn, it's even more dodgy - and today was like that: it never really became light. Back in Argyll, we had tedious things to do, like supermarket shopping and unpacking and putting away all that food (why do we need so much?). So lunch is kinda late, and the afternoon is enlivened by a family phone call, and we haven't had a walk ...

Which is why we were still feeling our careful way down the snow hillside in Benmore Gardens as the grey afternoon turned into the blue evening. But I have to say I rather enjoyed the sensation of the unsullied snow squeaking under my boots, and the sight of the hills across the glen looking larger than usual in their white coating, even if I was slipping every second step.

My extra photo is of the Outdoor Centre in the Gardens looking like the Witch's Castle in Narnia.

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