Ashover Hill!

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I managed to sleep in this morning to all of 9am, a rare indulgence but one which I think was necessary. There have been too many early mornings and late nights this last week. Although starting slowly I've still managed to make the most of the day. I've been outside almost all the time, first on the bike and then out walking and running on the moor. I've actually not covered a huge amount of ground though, mainly because I've spent so long taking pictures. But that's good. It's been that kind of day. A bimbly one!

The light was wonderful and ever changing today. This really is the most fabulous month for photography. I'm often surprised how often I come back with a completely different set of photographs when cycling the same route. The sun is never in exactly the same place. The clouds, of course, are always forming in different patterns. For the same reason, it's possible to take the same shot on every occasion I pass a certain spot and the resulting photograph is always unique.

So, despite cycling out to Rylstone, Thorpe and Bursnall, and doing a late afternoon tour of the moor, I'm posting this shot of my very favourite copse of trees, a familiar sight to followers of my journal. I've got many pictures I like from today's outing but this is without doubt my favourite. I just adore what the clouds are doing here. I love the way they seem to be radiating out from the trees!

These are the same trees that Anthony Scott chose to use on the cover of his debut novel On Ashover Hill (using this blip). I've yet to meet Anthony and, to be honest, I had no idea what to expect from this book but I am pleased to be able to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It certainly made me want to turn the page. The best compliment I can make is that I found the central characters authentic. Their voices seemed real to me. That doesn't always happen in a novel. I really need to write a proper review. It deserves a good one!

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