By ciorstain

City Tour

I overheard my alarm in the morning and we only got up at 11 am. I seem to need a lot of sleep these days.
We only set off after 1 pm and dropped my torn jeans at the tailor then too the U-Bahn to the Türken Markt. It was busy. I was looking forward to my breakfast at Grumpy Galette but he was not there. That disappointed me a bit - I was really looking forward to the galette! 
Nothing else there I fancied and we walked to Kaffee Pur for a cup of coffee and some freshly roasted beans to take home. Then we walked to Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn Station and travelled to Mitte to have a look at the new posh "19 Grams" Café in Chaussee Strasse. (Extra)
We had another coffee and I had a meringue cake with chocolate, dates and nuts! Lovely and incredibly filling!
We walked from there through the city centre along Friedrichstrasse to the Nespresso Shop and Galerie Lafayette. Got rid of  big bag of capsules for recycling but did not have any more coffee. 
Then I indulged in the food department of the French Department store Galeries Lafayette. Oh my god, it is so amazing. I managed to not overdo it and just got some (expensive) paté, some madeleines and a Breton cake that will keep a while.
Back out in the cold we decided to visit the Christmas Market at Gendarmen Markt. It is a lovely market but now the third year in a row we already know everything by heart. Nothing seems to change which is a bit sad. We ended up having some wonderful Flammkuchen style freshly baked (wood fire) sourdough flatbreads with sour cream, bacon and spring onions. Oh my god, those were from heaven!!! I felt I have never eaten something that good! Neil had even two!
#i am very off my usual diet these days. but my body seems to be ok with it.
After 8 pm we decided to make our way home and have a relaxed evening. 
We played the 2 players Settlers of Catan the first time. I won twice, accidentally - Neil was not happy .... :)

Despite getting up late we had done a lot and walked a fair bit.
It was a good day.
My blip is taken at U-Bahn Station Kottbusser Tor, or "Kotti" as they say here.
Extra is "19 gram" in Mitte.

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