Shopping mainly....

Another late morning. It seems to get rather worse then better.
We had breakfast at home and then went out. First to a barber to get Neil's beard trimmed then food shopping. The shops will be closed the next days and everyone seemed to be out to prepare for that.
We planned to do a Raclette on the 1st, but during buying stuff for that feast, we decided to do it tonight.
We bought a small present for Dani and her new flat and browsed a few shops, but did not buy anything, apart from a new Chapati shirt for Neil, that we looked at already on Thursday. 
We went for a coffee at Knofi and felt exhausted from the bit of running around in the rain.
Back home we prepared for the dinner and played two rounds Settlers of Catan before we heated the Raclette Grill and started the indulgence.
By the way, Neil won the first round. So all is good again ;)
We opened a lovely bottle Crémant de Loire with the dinner and ate far too much!!! 
It was a lovely day!

The Blip is just a stupid selfie at Knofi. I could not resist the mirror :)
Extra (as I have 9 left!!!) a vintage scooter and the Raclette feast (really crap photo though!) . The grill is almost as big as our table ......

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