We're IN!!

I am one with my family and friends in western New York tonight, all long-suffering fans of the Buffalo Bills.  On this last day of 2017, the team has cheered us by breaking a string of seventeen years without having made the NFL playoffs. 

I had to leave the house at 5:30 this morning (it was in the 40's) so I went out layered, this as the outer one.  Knowing it was going to be the make or break game for my guys, I wore it the rest of the day, too, even when it was 35° warmer.  I definitely believe it was my  sweatshirt that gave them the wherewithal to win. Tonight, I am one with the snowy, frigid souls who live and breathe Buffalo Bills football.

Here's to new adventures and fresh starts!
Cheers, blipfriends!!!

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