Above Porters Pass

Late yesterday a southerly snuck in and replaced the heat with welcome cool. But sadly no rain where I live.

I knew it would rain inland and was confident the rain would be gone this morning but I wasn't sure about the cloud. I'd just descended below the cloud where I'd spent much of my day. Nothing to see from the tops but it was atmospheric.

I chose the route down that I'd intended to go up. On arrival and seeing the clag I wasn't so sure about tackling the steep sections by the fence line above the pass. Goodness knows why I thought it would be fun to descend it.

There was plenty of slithering but I kept things slow and careful, and my feet in place. I saw 3 other people and despite it being a day for travel, I encountered no traffic. One of bonuses of living in the south island and away from holiday hot spots :-)

I did have a few interesting moments after lunch when I strayed off the track in the murk. I wasn't lost but I wasn't where I was meant to be. I can see how easy it is for people to get lost especially when you're in the cloud. I had the route loaded on my phone and it was just a matter of re-matching my track with the real one.

It wasn't a big day out but enough to make me puff and feel like I'd blown the cobwebs away. I've had plenty of time to do some washing and other domestics, and low and behold I fell asleep while having a wee read. The sun had come out and it was toasty warm.

Dad is back home after a couple of days of post-hospital care and for that care I'm grateful.

Today's gratitude: For the lovely feeling of coming home. To have a home is a blessing.

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