Gull Academy

Today has been a very lazy day - a typical New Years' Day for us. I've really enjoyed having a rest! 

It was also the day of our traditional walk down to Burger King, via the river to feed the swans and the gulls. Here are the gulls after we had thrown all the food we had for them. 

I'd just titled the entry "Gulls" but then Jae came through and said that he liked the photo - not because of my photography skills, but because I'd got lucky with all the gulls lined up facing the same way. He said it was like Gull Academy!

After we left BK we visited Brian's Mum for a while, then home via BK again to collect a meal for Zeph. Home now to watch the football. Man Utd are beating Everton, and looking much better than they have for a while! Let's hope they are back to their best for 2018!

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