Becky and Mike set off around 10am to start their journey home to Sussex.  They were breaking their journey in Loughborough to have a quick lunch at Mike's parents house.  I heard from Becky later that they had arrived home at around 4.40pm.

After my visitors had gone I went back to bed for a couple of hours.  Then, after eating my breakfast, I did make a start on this massive pile of washing up.  I hate washing up and when I get my new kitchen there will definitely be a dishwasher. My blip shot is my contribution to the Mono Monday challenge which today has the word " Start " as the theme.  Thanks to Skeena for hosting.

At 3pm I started listening to the football on the radio - Newcastle were playing away at Stoke.  It was a much more entertaining match then the one Becky, Mike and I endured on Saturday.  Newcastle actually scored a goal and won the match 1 - 0. 

I've had a really lazy quiet day today after the full on days while Becky and Mike were here.  The house seems empty and I really miss having them around.

I didn't go to slimming group this evening.  I have put on so much weight over the Christmas and New Year festivities that I will be well out of my target range.  I will start back " on plan " tomorrow and hopefully the pounds will start to come off so I can return to group in a few weeks time.

Fireworks have just started going off nearby - first I have heard to celebrate this New Year. Tino was outside in the enclosure but I have brought him in just in case he gets frightened.

Apologies for lack of comments - I will try and find time to check out everyone's recent blips and get up to date.

Steps today - 3,309

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