Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


This is NEWTON.  " Ringing In The New Year With Cheer".  He is a Cherished Teddy made in 1997.  He's cute - but I must say he doesn't look very cheerful.  Maybe he partied a little bit too much last night.

I haven't felt very well today ( not alcohol related I assure you )  I've got a headache and feel drained.  Mouth is still sore.  So I slept late - didn't actually get up until around 4pm.  Apart from doing the washing up and preparing a meal I haven't done much else. 

Becky and Mike flew back from Slovenia today.  And immediately went for a 4 mile run.   Neil has been at work all day today but he has an early finish  tomorrow and we hope to meet up in Newcastle.  Looking forward to that.

Steps today - 2,883

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