Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Slept late again  ( had my new electric blanket on and I was so cosy ).  Watched some TV and didn't do much else.  Got the bus to Newcastle around 5pm and met Neil and Rachael at 6pm.

We wanted to have a meal together before the match.  Went to a couple of places but they were full.  Next we tried Pani's Cafe - a small Italian/Sardinian place  hidden away in High Bridge.  They had space for us.  Neil and Rachael go there regularly but it was my first time.  I chose Fregola Con Pesce ( fregola is a Sardinian pasta grain made from wheat and is similar to middle-eastern couscous.) The fish element was tiger prawns and crab.   It was Ok but a bit too spicy for me.

After our meal we walked up to the football ground.  Kick off was 8pm but we arrived early as Neil had to pick up the tickets for him and Rachael.  They were being held at the box office - paid for by the firm he works for. He went to collect them but there was no trace under the names he quoted  ( his managers name  /  the firms name  ).  So he got on the phone to his manager who said to try a couple of other names - still no luck.  No tickets to be had.  So again Neil phoned his manager and then he was told that maybe the tickets had all been collected by the first person to turn up at the box office. So then Neil had to try and find " Dave " who apparently had collected an envelope containing all the tickets for the whole group.  We despaired of finding " Dave " in the crowds milling around .... but then he appeared.  Neil was given two tickets  - and he was delighted to find that they were for the Platinum Club ( the posh seats ).  I quickly took my blip shot of Neil and Rachael before they made their way to where they were sitting and then I walked round the other side of the ground to my usual seat.  ( in the not very posh seats )

Newcastle were playing Manchester United.  The first half was dull and boring with no goals.  In the end I would have been quite happy with that score.  However Manchester United scored twice in the second half so another home defeat for Newcastle.  Disgraceful.  Newcastle never even looked like scoring.  I fear they will be relegated if they go on like this.

I had to meet up with Neil and Rachael after the match to give Neil his head torch. He had left it at my house and I had taken it with me to give him - but I had forgotten to give him it before the match. He will need it when he runs home from work late on Thursday night.  He has a 12 hour shift from 8am till 8pm. 

Then I had to rush to catch my bus.  They are only every half hour.  I only just made it - the driver was about to close the door and move off. 

I was glad to get home as I was freezing cold.  The weather lately has been unseasonably warm but today there was a big drop in the temp.  I even saw the council gritter truck out this evening - they must be expecting icy roads.

Steps today - 10,004

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