A Piece of Pancake

I couldn't face the thought of scrambled egg for breakfast so made pancakes instead. The gluten free flour I'm using currently makes a strange consistency batter, almost as if I should be making waffles instead.

By the time I got to the final pancake, I decided to thin the mixture with a little milk. Perhaps that's why, in the pan, there may have been some loose egg floating about which rendered this texture? I'm open to explanations.

I just liked the pattern it made.

Started printing photos for competition in two weeks, at which I won't be present if the operations goes ahead as planned.

Then Basil and I made our way to Colin's for tea and chat, the first time I'd been out to walk since last Wednesday. Still feeling rather bunged up.

Len joined us later for g&t, after returning from watching Leicester City beat Huddersfield 3.0.

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