I always intended having a day at home today - mainly to get on with the household chores which have been piling up.  I did stay at home but very few chores actually got done.  I did do the washing up and put a load of washing on - but after lunch I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 6.25pm.  I couldn't believe the time and I actually checked a different clock as I thought the clock on the mantelpiece must surely be wrong.  Unfortunately it wasn't.

I still felt weary but I got on with cooking my tea.  I had intended making " diet coke chicken " but there was no time for that now so I just did something quick - grilled bacon, fried egg, mushrooms and butternut squash chips.  Followed by fruit salad.

The weather today has been terrible.  It seems to have rained the whole time and it was as dark as night for most of the day.

For " Abstract Thursday " I took a shot of my " fancy pants " new glass kettle as it was boiling.  I switched off the kitchen light to get the full effect and used the " Impressive Art " button on my camera.  The kettle has a blue LED light which illuminates when the kettle is switched on.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting the challenge.

Steps today - 3,114

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