Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

The smells of spring

...when it is still winter outside you can have beautiful spring flowers inside and pretend it is spring! Nothing like the smell of hyacinths and freesias, two of my favourite flowers for their beautiful perfume. 

Actually I have already seen snowdrops and daffodils growing along the side of the roads, which seems way too early...we still have quite a bit of winter to get through before we can even think about spring. But we are heading in the right direction! 

We had a quiet day at home, Gavin and I popped into Waitrose to get a few things and a normal boring shopping trip was made a little more exciting when we bumped into Matthew Goode (Who? said Gavin...Matthew Goode, said I, you know, he who played Henry Talbot in Downton Abbey, the very handsome looking one who was Mary's beau!) - I think he lives around here as I have seen him in there before.

Luke is back in Paris this weekend...I think he was missing his girlfriend too much! We are having a quiet night in, with curry take aways (yay to not cooking!!) So much good TV to catch up on...I want to see The Miniaturist as I read the book and enjoyed it very much.

I have added an extra of Adam ski racing - he came 2nd in the 18-35 years category when he did that race about a week ago. 

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