Almost thwarted

Ice + hairpin = stuck

It was a bit like a computer game this morning, trying to find the right combination of materials to get out of the steep driveway covered in a hard layer of ice on top of leaves on top of gravel.

Attempt 1: snow socks - one-third success (=fail)
Attempt 2: added grit - one-third and a bit success (=second fail)
Attempt 3: a bit more grit = rockin'!

Rich was on standby to keep the car out of the ditch, but once I'd rounded the hairpin bend, I wasn't hanging around to pick him up! I made a swift run for the last hill and waited for him once I'd cleared the top.

We then had to take Plan B as the walk we'd planned was down the coastal road to Gairloch. It was still covered in snow & ice and we'd only just turned in after the gritter so there's been no time for the salt to kick in.

So, it was an explore round the woods (but still good to stretch our legs) followed by a trip into Ullapool for supplies and a coffee (at the coldest cafe in the world.) The highlight was Rich spotting an otter fishing out to sea while we were eating lunch in the car followed by this beautiful dusk scene as we drove home.

Dave, up for Munro bagging in his van, joined us for dinner but we've still managed to fit in a few series before bedtime.

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