Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

New Beachfront

I drove G to work this morning, and as the sky looked a bit dramatic, I decided to check out Meraas' new development on Jumeirah Beach called La Mer. It's been open a few months and we've seen cars turning into a tiny road driving towards an old beachfront that has been closed off for the last few years. It was a good thing then, to check it out today.

The day passed nicely. I picked G up and took her to see it as well. It was lunchtime, so we had a club sandwich while we watched the world go by. Although relatively new, is certainly well frequented, and I would love to go back around dusk to take pictures at my favourite time of the day.

We had our first Bible study for the new year and met in a new location. It is closer to where we live, which is nice. :) Our hosts fed us (fish pie) and we chatted with them for quite a long time, so didn't get home till late.

And it has been 8.1.18 all day today and SweetArt beat us all!

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