A Tiny Crystal Forest

The temperature had dropped back down into the low 20s when I woke up, and I spotted mist rising in the distance. Millbrook Marsh, which I'd just visited the morning before, is a great spot for misty morning shots. So back to the marsh I went.

As it turned out, the mist show wasn't what I had hoped for. But instead, there was an amazing frost show. It coated the twigs and berries, the boardwalk, and the golden marsh grasses with silver.

This picture is the strange sight I encountered when I looked closely at the railing by the duck blind. (Yes, you've seen the duck blind before, as well as the view looking out from inside it.)

The frost crystals were tall and curvy and almost feathery, and they seemed like tiny, silver, sparkly-shiny trees. A crystal forest, in miniature, shining with the light of the morning sun.

The soundtrack is Bonnie Raitt, with Silver Lining.

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