The Crittergators, Through a Lens

This is an item that we keep handy because it's good for looking at little things, like splinters or ticks. It is an Agfa Lupe 8x stand magnifier, made in Germany. It once belonged to my friend's dad, who was a photographer and geologist; my friend gave it to me with a bunch of her dad's cameras, which she inherited upon his death and then passed on to me.

Officially, I think this item is most often used for looking at slides and negatives. However, it seemed like much more than that on this day! The Crittergators got inside it, hoping, I think, that it might be some kind of teleportation or time travel device.

But when they climbed under it, nothing happened! There were no buttons to push, no levers to pull. But perhaps if we put our imaginations to work, we can make it go? So let's close our eyes and think of anywhere (or maybe even anywhen) we want to be, and then let's go there, like magic, OK? Zoom zoom, here we go!

The soundtrack: Robbie Williams, Life Thru a Lens.

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