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By turnx3

MonoMonday: Four birds

We had a little more snow overnight, and today it has been snowing on and off all day - very fine, not that much more accumulation - just very dull and dreary. Today was Martin Luther Kings Day, one of those strange holidays, only partially observed, so Roger was home from work, but he still had a dentist appointment in the morning, and then around lunchtime, we both went to the “Y” - I went swimming, while Roger went to the gym. Afterwards, we went out for lunch then headed home for the afternoon. There were so many birds round the feeders and bird bath today - unfortunately a lot of them greedy starlings. When I saw them on the bird bath, I realized I could wait until there were four and use it for the MonoMonday challenge! I hardly needed to use Mono - even in ”colour “ it was very much a black and white day - or more grey and white I suppose! If people are observant, they may say they see five, but one of those is part of the bird bath- there should be three of them, but they  keep falling out!
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