The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

The Beasts and Bumpkins...

It was all there this afternoon on the Maashorst...The Wisents, hail showers (see my main blip), rain, sunbeams, a rainbow (in the extra), and me!!! When I cycled into the area I saw Arjen. He is one of the herd keepers of Free Nature. He was ready to go into the closed area and asked me if I wanted to join him... euhmmmmmmm... I didn't have to think twice... We got right into a big hailstorm... But hey who cares...  after that it started to rain and the sun began to shine...A draughty cow who was challenging the bull (the Magnificent) ...and there was a double rainbow...(that has to be a good sign)... So in other words ... I had a fantastic afternoon... needed a hot shower to warm up again... :-))

Thank you all so much for all your lovely reactions and stars for yesterdays Blip! They all are highly appreciated... Xxx

P.s. I didn't chant the Silent Warrior today...

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