At Last The Documents

Today I went to collect my German Passport .A friend came with me to pay using their Debit  card .To date still no pin. I gave them cash drawn over the bank counter. The lady at the Bürger  Amt was terrific .All went well and she had my ID Card.Now the pin that goes with this is sent in the post and true to form (or lack of it) it hadn't been delivered ! There and then she blocked it and using a special machine I could make my own pin. She has advised me to visit the Police and register all dates and details again . It is now clear as can be there is a problem with the Deutsche Post .. Due to her and my friend I could actually get my documents . Just in from a lovely celebration .
Note )It's rained , snowed , and blown a gale all day but my new coat stood the test.Being water proof no need for an umbrella and it kept me very warm . 

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