El regreso

Plunging back into the office and an avalanche of pressing things, especially because I'd totally switched off from work for the last week. The excitement of Buenos Aires wasn't compatible with monitoring emails.

Much South Sudan planning and fire-fighting.

Much to do in advance of upcoming work trip to Kenya, as we're having an exciting Africa team regional meeting starting on Monday.

Much to panic about regarding an application deadline due at the end of the month. I'd assumed I could work on it during downtime at the regional meeting. Africa Director Alison: 'there isn't going to be any downtime; the agenda is packed'. Oh.

Much risk of tan peeling, so Alice kindly supplied mango moisturiser which transplanted me to tropical climes when I sniffed my arm.

Many kind comments about how 'well' I look after the holiday. This is tan-based rather than looking deeper into the eyes, which reveal general travel fatigue and neurosis about the disaster that is global politics.

Without bananablip's panache, and with ceiling spotlights that make it virtually impossible to avoid glare, I have erected this picture shelf in the living room, and added the final element. This Stoke-on-Trent graphic makes a good poster as it's a city with a visually appealing outline.

The Guardian has been doing a series of videos from Stoke recently, challenging the view of Stoke as the nation's 'Brexit voting capital'. Well worth a watch.

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