I'm behind again.  On this day, I met Debbi (dbifulco) and her folks at Madera Canyon. For lunch, we stopped at my favorite coffeehouse which just happens to be at the base of the mountain.  The weather was fabulous and we had a great time.

If some of the comments don't make sense it's because I moved the photo of Deb and I to the blip and the Red-naped sapsucker to the extras. 

The photo first extra is a Red-naped sapsucker.  That was its actual position as it snacked on the berries.  The other two extras are birds that have escaped me for the longest time:  a male and  female Hepatic Tanager.  Catching them made the day even that much more special for me.  

Oddly enough, my extras are exactly like two of Debbi's extras.  She posted a Sapsucker and Tanager, too.  And here I thought I was being unique.   :-)

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