The Shape Of Things

I'm giving abstract Thursday another try.  I hope this one is better than my previous efforts.  The theme was "shape/s."  I photographed my iPhone wireless charger and cropped it to 4x10 in. I rotated it three more times, saving them as separate photos. I did a selection/inverse selection and turned the rug mug surrounding the disks black. Then I pulled up this swirly background and placed each photo on a separate layer.  I moved and pulled and tugged on them before adjusting the opacity, every layer a differently. And there you have it.  The original is an extra.

I bought a new car!  I didn't actually drive away in it because I have to unfreeze at least one of the three credit bureaus.  I froze them all after the Equifax hack.  I get the itch about every six years to get something new.  I didn't deviate too much from the model I have now (Honda Civic EX) getting a new 2018 EX-T model.  It's slightly larger, as my current one was from my previous one  (which may alter this in my garage ) and will be my first dark-colored car.  It's not super geeked out but it's still really cool.  I suspect this will be the last vehicle I ever purchase.  Lots of features I like but my favorite is that it is turbo charged.

I'm a pretty good negotiator and got up to walk away twice.  They really want to clear the lot of the previous year's models so I was able to get a decent deal.  I will get it Monday.  That will give me plenty of time to get everything out of my current car and take a bunch of photos of it for posterity.  It's a beautiful burgundy and I will definitely miss it when I get the mystic blue.

I think this one is timely:
Q: When should you buy a bird?
A: When it’s going cheep!

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