It Takes Two

By laurie54

A Nice Surprise

There was a screw up by the caregiver who didn't show up at 2:00.  Mom was looking glum and hadn't even gotten dressed yet (only the ill or broken hearted  ankled are allowed to do that in this house). I decided we needed to get out together, so I tossed my personal plans in the bin and took her out for a late lunch and a movie.  We saw the RBG movie "On The Basis Of Sex."  It was decent and mom loved it.  After seeing the doc, though, it was a bit disappointing to me.  I will admit that the last scene of the movie when the real RBG, donned in her SCOTUS robe, walked up the steps of the Supreme Court, my eyes welled up.  Knowing that she's once again battling cancer and not on the bench, well...

The surprise was that as we walked out of the theatre, this sunset appeared before our very eyes.  I tossed the crutches into the back seat, took out my phone and leaned one-footed on the back of the car to take a shot.  Within seconds, it was gone. Such an appropriately titled place for today, too: the Desert Sky Cinema

I tossed this in as a wide Wednesday entry because the theme  was The Low Down (low angle) and what could be more of a low angle shot than earth to the heavens.  Thanks to this week's host, Freyjad.

This could be my favorite pun of all time:
Q: When does a teacher carry birdseed?
A: When there is a parrot-teacher conference

I guess it's the teacher in me.  LOL

PS How about that Nancy Pelosi!   When asked today if she thought she was as powerful as the president, she replied, "The Constitution says I am."  She's so freaking good the IDIOT hasn't been able to come up with a demeaning nickname.  Loved everything about the news today.

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