Snow and Ice

Dear Diary,

This pretty much sums up winter in Maine but I thought it quite interesting that the ice ran along the bottom of the branch and the snow along the top!  You can almost see individual snow flakes.  Our snow has been so light and fluffy, you can almost blow it away.

Ice fishing is in full swing but it is going to get a lot milder so I hope they are careful.  Snow mobilers too.  Every year we have several deaths from accidents, falling through the ice or hitting trees.  I am not a fan of the loud, smelly machines.  They scare the wild life.

Well, on the first anniversary of the inauguration of the Moron, we have a government shutdown.  Perfect.  I do hope they resolve it quickly since many will suffer because of it.  Washington is a dysfunctional fiasco but the buck stops at the Oval Office.  Last year at this time I was leaving to go to Boston for the Women's March.  There will be anniversary marches all over the country today as well.  I hope millions turn out to protest this administration.  I will be with them in spirit.

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