Nelson Monument

Monday morning again, it comes round far too soon.  BB was heading to a meeting away from the office today, so dropped me off at the station. There is a lot going on at work this week, and I am not sure where it will all end.  My area wasn’t too busy today, but I think that will change over the coming days.  However, I did have the capacity to help out a colleague who was struggling with a few things.  I also did some planning for stuff that is to come.

BB was mid-cello practice when I got home.  I then had the pleasure of helping him with his maths homework – fractions and decimals.  I’m not sure the penny has dropped for him – he got some of them, but not all.  We’ll have to re-visit the questions tomorrow.

Once he was in bed, I decided to bake a cake.  Not something I would normally do on a Monday night, but I had been thinking about it all weekend, but hadn’t got round to it.

I took this view of the Nelson Monument from Canongate Kirkyard.


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