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Dreaming of Scotland

Flynn dreams of going to Scotland...we talk about it a lot....he especially wants to go because Peter lives there too...he loves Peter. The other place that he has to go to is Icyland...he has been fascinated since I read him some stories of the Stoorworm and Aspitatle.......Orkney is believed to be the Stoorworms teeth and Icyland his body...that is after Aspitatle blew him up from the inside....long story.

I took this pic a while back.....I have used it 'cause it was perfect for my double exposure experiment...the other pic I used is of Dirleton Castle
just a short/ish drive from Peters place in Edinburgh....the gardens were so very gorgeous...blossoms were falling and the blooms were huge....I loved it there.

Its just chimed 12...I managed to slide it in.

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