A time for everything

By turnx3


Who would have thought that such a bleak, foggy morning could herald such a beautiful afternoon?! My quick blip of our back garden taken just before leaving for church this morning doesn’t really depict how thick it was - I think I’d have been better taking a shot down the road, but I didn’t have time to take another shot. However, as we were driving to church, you could see the glimmer of the sun through the fog, and sure enough, two hours later, the fog was all gone, and it was a beautiful day. A couple of weeks ago the Lake was totally covered in fairly thick ice, but in the lower picture, you can see the ice is rapidly melting. Our drive home from church brings us past the European Café in Montgomery, which does pretty good gyros, and I said to Roger I could just fancy one, so we stopped for lunch on our way home! Later in the afternoon we were going to an organ recital at Hyde Park United Methodist, but that left us time for an hour long walk around Sharon Woods, where there were quite a number of people out enjoying the sunshine.

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