Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Mom's Stuff

I confess I am getting very weary of reading old letters.   And overwhelmed by all there is.   
No school today in Seattle so we offered to take the girls somewhere but they wanted to “sit around” in their house, ((letting Dad work I’m hoping) and we were also going to Nik’s basketball game but he is sick with ?recurring flu? so all of a sudden there was more time..  The flu is rampant around here…

So…More “death cleaning”  I at least want to do away with the box of my Mom’s that she dragged to her retirement home and then I sent here.  Bless her heart I think she saved every letter I ever wrote her (and we lived in different places from when I went off to college at 18) and I am totally amazed at what I wrote !!   Maybe it’s a girl thing,.   Lots of useful info too and then sort of a diary of our kids when they were little.  (might they want to know someday?)    Lots of cards I can toss.    Just a few pictures in this box….this is a very large one of her High School group in Chicago clearly on a trip to Washington DC and a party at Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s 1735 home on the Potomic River.  (It goes on to the right for 10 more..)  I never recall hearing about this trip..Mom and her sister were 20 in 1926 here so it seems no longer in high school?  They are the 4th(Mom) and 5th(her twin sister) in the 2nd row from the left.   Can you imagine still dressing just alike?  They were always so close…lots off letters between them too.   

Question:  Would anyone like a Lowepro camera backpack?  I have one in excellent condition to gift to a new home.   Used it for a couple trips.  Can’t find the exact one on their website but here it is packed up in a 2013 blip with my Canon DSLR and overnight stuff.   Let me know if interested and we’ll email further details..  ……One of the things cleaned out of the studio closet.  Needs to go somewhere.

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