February fen sky

A bright and frosty start to the day, which deteriorated as a front moved in from the north, giving persistent cold rain for much of the afternoon. Unfortunately I missed the sunshine, having spent the morning writing. 

Pete and I went over to visit Molly in the afternoon and went via the River Welland, in the hope of seeing some interesting birds. It was pretty quiet, although we spotted a distant pair of goosander. We stopped at the bridge to take a few photographs, but by this time the clouds were gathering ahead of the front and the wind was bitter, so our visit was very short. We arrived back at the car just as the rain started.

Molly was on good form and very chatty, though all the excitement brought on an asthma attack, which was rather scary to witness. Fortunately a few puffs from her inhaler soon calmed things down and she was back to her smiling self by the time we left. As she said, getting old isn't much fun... 

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