Pretty picture

We stayed at mum's over night. Jon, Henry, Bracken and I. Jon was full of whiskey, one of Jim's favourite tipples, so I drove back from Jenny's. He slept well. It took me a while to go off. This morning we took things slowly and dropped in on Manda in Ware on our way home. This picture was her Christmas present. I love the colours in it. It goes perfectly with her lounge decor and furniture.

We left there at 1pm. Had a lunch stop at McDonalds and got home at 4pm.

I haven't cleaned or done any washing. I haven't ironed. I haven't tidied. It just doesn't really matter that much that I haven't.

I did look through lots of lovely photos on my computer, then had a bath and listened to the Archers omnibus on iPlayer. Then it was Call the Midwife, which we enjoyed as always. As always, it made me cry.

I have so much I need to do at work this week before my week off, that I hope to throw myself into it tomorrow. Two more days of my skin cream & then hopefully that is one thing that will start to heal. I look pretty hideous at the moment! Think about that when we next get some sun. Cancer is a real risk. So if you are fair skinned, and have any small flaky patches of skin, please go to the doctor. I'm hoping this has prevented my sun damaged skin patches becoming something much worse.

Tomorrow is another day.

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