Looking for Lunch

An early start to the day (0713 hours train) as I was going to London with my daughter and granddaughter for another check-up for Victoria related to last year’s surgery. All went well and she is now booked into the London Clinic on 2 May to have the same operation on the other side.
Then we met with a friend for a leisurely walk, with some retail therapy, followed by a very long lunch. Today’s picture is of Nikki and Carol, looking for a suitable place for lunch. There was a Frankie and Benny’s nearby in Argyle Street and they cater for Coeliacs. After lunch we walked to the underground, to catch our train home. While in London there were a few flakes of snow and it seems there was a snow shower in my village at about the same time.

After arriving home we interviewed a new builder to finish the work, which has already been started. He cannot start until May, but that suits us fine as the weather will be better, the days warmer and longer and my husband’s health should be a little better. We started the original work on 30 April 2014 and hope to get this stage finished and a new kitchen install later this year. Then we can think about other renovations, which a two-hundred year-old house needs.

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