By Memories4Me

"Is it safe to come out now?"

Dear Diary,

A surprise visitor on the back porch!  Rosie has woken up, temporarily I'm sure, to check out the seed situation.  I hadn't had time to tidy up after Gaylord and friends finished so she found quite a mess.  She also found some seeds too and made several forays back and forth.  I'm sure she is safely back in her warm den now and fast asleep.

Maybe she was running low on provisions and with the storm coming today thought it was a good time to stock up.  Just like all the people you see running to the store every time a storm is predicted to get bread and milk!  The storm will start in a couple of hours and last through the day into this evening, 8-12 inches they say.  Emerson and I are all stocked up so we can "hibernate" for the day.  I have my Downton Abbey to watch so I'm all set...bring it on!

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