By Memories4Me

Mr. Whiskers waits his turn.

Dear Diary,

My back porch was quite busy at the height of the storm.  I couldn't seem to keep the seed bowl full.  Poor Mr. Whiskers had to wait patiently on the trumpet vine for a break in the action.  He got his turn, eventually, and all went away satisfied. 

There has to be at least a foot of snow out there but it was a "gentle" storm, no wind, no ice and no power or internet outages so no complaints from me.  The guy who plows the driveway has already come so now I just wait for Matt to do the rest.  I will go out and do a little but I will leave most of it in his capable, and much younger, hands.

On my way back from the workshop this weekend I spotted an old snow roller and I thought I would include it as an extra today.  Pulled by a team of horses or oxen, this device compacted the snow on the roads so people could get around with their sleighs.  Truth of the matter is that people often didn't get to town for weeks in the winter if the weather was bad.  You had to be well stocked up to survive.  It wasn't an easy life.

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