By Hillyblips

Trials and Tribulations

Trials and tribulations with the raptors starting their training for the Alternate Olympic Games AOG this afternoon.

Team Barn Owl were doing nicely, with the discipline being to find prey, dive in and capture stuffed bags resembling rodents with more points being awarded for a head into the wind retrieval.  Barny here feeling a tad peckish decided a vole innocently standing on the sidelines would be a great lunchtime snack. Ticking all the boxes in the skills section feeling pleased with himself he thought no-one would notice, not realising your intrepid GB reporter was on the sidelines with camera. 

Spying too from the periphery of the arena innocently looking like they were just doing a fly past, Team Shortie were making note of the tactics and rather jealously watching the capture which they were hoping to turn to their advantage either with intimidation or praying for the entire Barny Army to be disqualified.

Team Vole were protesting in the strongest possible terms as the afternoon had seen core members disappearing fast; not only diminishing their chances but casting fear into the hearts of the remainder of the contestants.

As you can see the resulting outcome of their captain was rather up in the air; his squeals echoing round the stadium, rather incongruously to The Rat Pack rehearsing 'Live and Swingin'.    Unfortunate. 

All going on here and the Games haven't yet officially started!

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