Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


I seem to be getting lots of texts this week about spontaneous visits - I heard from a fellow Blipper, HeidiAndDolly the other evening asking if we were “at home” today.  It just so happens we are - so I quickly sent her a text back to say we would be delighted to see her - and not only because I want to “pick her brains” about long-haul flights but also to catch up with what’s been happening to her!

Heidi appears to be on a “healthy eating” kick, and didn’t want anything with lots of carbs, so I told her that was no problem, I had home-made soup in the freezer.  When I went to look, I was horrified to discover, once again, that I had failed to mark what was in the “soup-looking” bags.  I knew that the purple stuff was likely to be either stewed blackberry and apple and the red stuff was unlikely to be soup, but the orange stuff was more likely to be soup - but what flavour is anyone’s guess - possibly carrot and coriander - so I chucked in a few more spices and I hope that it will pass muster.

I have boiled it up this morning and if you are old enough to remember the Whitbread Mackeson Stout advertisement from 1965, I hope it “looks good, tastes good and certainly does you good”!  It was worth watching it again to hear the late Bernard Miles, who had such a wonderful "countrified" voice. 

I went out early to buy some fruit at our local supermarket, and saw these limes - I was taking photographs all round the store, and got some funny looks, but I’m past worrying about that now - so here is my offering for Abstract Thursday - patterns - just tweaked a little with the PhotoscapeX app on my Macbook.

Not much else to be done for lunch, so think I may have time to write a letter to a friend, before Heidi arrives.

“....since soup mainly involves 
     tossing everything in a pot 
          and waiting, 
it's one of my better dishes.” 
Suzanne Collins : The Hunger Games

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