Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


Last night's dinner was very relaxed and lovely - the guests left quite late and then we stayed up to tidy up and wash up so we only got to bed at 2am. Gavin usually gets up at 5am but this morning he set the alarm for 6am and after 4 hours sleep I obviously did not feel very energised - still I went and did some exercise which always helps when you are feeling very tired, it seems counter intuitive but it works for me.

It was raining and very cold this morning, although later the sun came out and I managed to photograph these snowdrops in the brief interlude between sunshine and clouds. 

I spent the morning updating my website - it is not a very good one at all, and I keep forgetting about it. However, I decided to update a few of the images but I really should shop around for a better website.

Tonight it's Parents' Evening for Thomas and then afterwards we must come home and pack as we leave early tomorrow morning for Switzerland. I hope the weather will be better on this visit, one never knows in the mountains it seems to change all the time. A few of Thomas' friends are joining us from Sunday and Monday onwards so it will be a house full of boys again.

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