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One of my favourite places

Many different things have stopped me from walking over the last 3 -4 months, so it was wonderful to be out today on the Hadrian's Wall Trail, especially since there was still snow and ice remaining.

Here I am at the top of Winshields Crags, the highest point on the Trail. My camera is on the trig point. I must explain that I am dressed like a Michelin man because it is pretty nippy up there. I'm only size 10 underneath!

There is a 360 degree view from where I'm standing. Behind me you can see part of Hadrian's Wall over my left shoulder running east towards Steel Rigg, Crag Lough and Hotbanks Farm. 

Very few people were walking today, but we all agreed that it was a wonderful day to be out there.

I cooked egg and chips tonight and we remembered how Dad, who would have been 102 today, cooked perfect chips and loved doing it. (Using an old fashioned chip pan of course.)

The catkins took a step back last night and hardly emerged to see us. I'm planning to let them see more of the house over the weekend and then the real fun begins!

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