By Mindseye

A berry good day

We were two down at the quiz last night, so fell a little short of our recent form but we enjoyed ourselves! I had a couple of G&Ts as I wasnt the driver :-)

Slept ok, hub had a restless night, but he is getting there with his cough now. I was up and off to youngests house, as he had to go into work. The plaster was finished not long after I got there which gave me a good few hours to have a good go at clearning up. So much dust around......Im sure you know what its like trying to get rid of the dust post plasterers!!

I spent a couple of hours in their back garden too, cutting back and generally pulling up old dead growth from last year. Gardening is not Son and DiLs forte whereas I was in my element. I cut back an old clematis, entangled with loads of ivy, that was overgrown around "something" that was leaning over the lawn. Turned out to be a tree stump about 3ft tall. Fortunately it was really old and had rotted down a fair bit so I was able to rock it back and forth and eventually broke it off at soil level.

All was going well, Id mopped through for the final time, locked up the back, moved my stuff to the front door, to put in the car, opened the front door, saw it was covered in dust and smears, so thought Ill just give that a wipe, mopped the door draught excluder, swept the wider stone step.........the door kept moving so closed it and as it shut, I remembered my sons word of warning " our front door is one of those that shuts and cant be opened from outside"!!!!! Igrabbed for it, but too late, nooo!!!

Key in the inside lock, me outside, no coat, no phone, no car keys, no nothing! I stood there thinking what am I going to do?! Only option was to knock on the neighbours door, who hadnt even met Son & Dil yet, chap was very nice. Let me use his phone to call hub at home....the only phone no. I know off the top of my head. Hub rang son, son rang Dils Mum, who doesnt live too far away, but doesnt drive, so had to jump a taxi to come round with her spare key. She had to dash off in her taxi, so thank goodness for Mr Neighbour, he got his hammer and after a couple of minutes of fiddling around managed to get me in, phew!!! What a numpty I felt !! I was very relieved to text son and hub to say I was in, and that sn emergency locksmith wasnt going to be needed!

Despite the escapades, I did manage to snatch a garden blip for todays Flower Friday challenge, amongst all the drama. It turned out to be a lovely day, no rain so far!

Once back home, I put some duck legs in to roast. Dinner was stir fried veg with Szechwan sauce, egg noodles and duck.....mmmmm!

Ive also partially made some stuffed savoy cabbage leaves for tomorrow evenings dinner.
Minced steak, fried with onions, then seasoned with toasted dried & ground coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fresh grated ginger, garlic, some chilli and finished with garam masala, salt and pepper, all to taste. Mix the meat with half a cup of cooked coolled rice. The mixture is wrapped in cooked whole cabbage leaves, less their thick central stalk. Place in oven dish, top with thickened tinned tomatoes and will oven cook tomorrow, so will you know whether they were worth the effort ;-)

Going to put my feet up now and chill in front of the tv.

Sorry for my ramblings.....have a good weekend all ;-)

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