Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Guest Photographer at the AOG

Things were a little slow today at the NJ Stadium with most of the contestants focused on bulking up for upcoming competitions.  I did manage to sneak a few photos of Team House Finch as they huddled for a strategy meeting for the upcoming seed-cracking competition.  See Extra.

The big news of the day, however, was having a guest photographer, Jake, show up.  He was taking photos of me (oh, how I hate having my photo taken) for a story that the local paper is doing on me.  The story is about an Honorable Mention I got for a shot of a cardinal in a national competition.  Anyway, while Jake was snapping away, I snuck in a few shots of my own.  I kind of like this one even though I took it at the minimum distance with my 300 lens, so the only thing in focus is the ring on Jake's lens.  But, I like the overall look of it.  The image isn't cropped but I did run it though Silver Efex Pro to convert it to mono. 

While Jake snapped what felt like way too many photos of me, we chatted about photography.  He's too young to remember the days of film (oy, I felt old) but it was fun to "talk photo" with him.  He said that many newspapers, like the Boston Globe, are doing away with DSLRs and arming their photography staff with iPhones.  Makes me wonder what the world of photography will be like in 50 years... 

Looking forward to watching some of the human Olympics tonight as well as catching up on reports from the worldwide AOG!  Remember to tag your entries #2018AOG(date)!

And thanks to Markus for his shallow DOF EP challenge; I think this qualifies...


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