The Tiny Tuesday challenge word today is " Sharp".  I remembered I had something suitable but couldn't lay my hands on it.  After a lot of searching I actually found two.  Two  pick pokes.  Well thats what I call them - no idea of the correct name.  Perhaps they could be classes as awls.  They have wooden handles with sharp spikes. I used them in the dim and distant past in my working life.  There were always  bundles of paperwork which needed to be fastened together so the pick poke would be used to pierce a hole through the papers and then a little brass fastener would be put through the hole and secured.  You can see some of the fasteners in my shot as well as the two pick pokes.  The fasteners have the letters P A C which stands for Prudential Assurance Company - which was the company I worked for.  No computers back then so there was so much paperwork and my pick poke and brass fasteners were in constant use.  Thanks to mindful_life for hosting the challenge.

Had a quiet day today.  It was chilly but we did have sunshine.  I walked to the Co-op this afternoon.

I also fitted a new doorbell.  I realised yesterday that my old one wasn't working as I had a card from Royal Mail through the door indicating I was out when they called - but I wasn't out. So I guessed that the doorbell was broke.  Again.  It was playing up a few weeks ago so I ordered a new one.  But in the end I managed to fix the old one and it worked fine -  until now.  So at least I already had a new one ready to fit so I'm off and running again. 

Steps today - 9,254

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