Andreas' Birthday

My oldest nephew, Andreas, is celebrating his 12th birthday today. My sister lives 4 km from the venue, where we were performing yesterday, so I went there last night after the show and stayed overnight.

Early morning dog walk and then breakfast with my family.

Another dog walk and then my dad and his aunt arrived too. 

We had cake and coffee and Andreas had his birthday presents. 

My youngest nephew Marcus and I braved the cold and took the boys for a walk and now it is dinner time.

My presents for my nephews were Biscuit and Gollum look-alike stuffed toys - Andreas' with an envelope with money around his neck :-)

Especially Marcus loved his Biscuit look-alike. Biscuit and Marcus have a very special relationship. I think Andreas loved the money more. He's too old for stuffed animals really.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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