There was an organised " Snowdrop Sunday " event not too far from here - however it was too far to walk and the bus service isn't good on a Sunday so I decided to just go it alone and find my own snowdrops.  I headed for the churchyard of St Mary The Virgin church in my village where I knew there were loads of snowdrops ( I had seen some a few weeks ago ).  As you can see from my collage the snowdrops were there in abundance. 

On my way to the churchyard I stopped to take the photo in my Extras.  It shows a gritted street.  Great view across the river to the Newcastle side of the Tyne - and The Metrocentre on the South side.  The salty grit has been thrown down by a local resident using  grit from  a box at the top of the street.

As I was taking the shot an old gent who was walking his dog came over to talk to me.  He said the road was terrible for black ice and just recently 3 cars had slid down and crashed into the walls on either side. 

This old gent was VERY chatty.  Apart from the road conditions we talked about....... the war, people who lived in the area that I might remember ( I used to live in a house not far from the churchyard when I was little) and the golf club - I discovered that he knew my brother John very well as John goes to the same golf club.  We chatted for around 20 mins. 

After I had taken my blip shots I visited the grave of my old school friend Christine - she is buried in the newer bottom part of the churchyard.  I had taken a butterfly on a stick which I placed in one of the plant pots by her headstone. 

Becky ran in the Brighton Half Marathon this morning.  She did a personal best time of 1 hr 39 mins - 2 mins faster than her previous best.  Well done Becky.

The weather here today has been lovely and sunny - but bitterly cold. And its going to get colder according to the weather forecast.  Stay warm everyone.

Steps today - 9,292

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