A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

The Beast from the East

arrived over night.

My neighbour and I headed out for an early walk to enjoy the snow. Someone had crossed the cricket field before us but the snow was pristine as we crossed Low Park seen here. I have photographed this dead tree before. It's whiteness stands out in all seasons but I thought it looked great trimmed with snow with the dark woods behind it.

We headed up into St Ives crossing the decimated Betty's Wood and headed up Blind Lane. I was torn which blip to use. Chris preferred the rather spooky extra of the recently deforested wood with the early light in the distance. The cauldronless witch sculpture in the foreground adds to the spooky feel. It used to be surrounded by trees.
We did about 5 miles and met quite a lots of dog walkers.

Snow showers have continued on and off but the roads seem ok. Hope so as we are out for tea today with friends who postponed at Christmas. Don't think the beast has finished with us yet as it's set to be colder tomorrow!

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