Floral Fan for Friday

Remember when I snapped and blipped and chucked my broken fan? Well, now this, its replacement, is providing my Flower Friday entry. Bought it in Funchal last month. Being bright yellow and flowery, it's a complete contrast to the one my parents brought home off holiday for me all those years ago. But my mother would have definitely approved; she loved yellow, too, especially combined with pink and orange.

The remaining snow through the window provides a nice backcloth. It's begun thawing today, with much rain and wild gales, and odd flurries of snow mixed in. No post all week. No traffic. No people. Everything cancelled. I'm looking forward to when I can take this fan with me to line-dancing. NEED exercise!

Thanks for all the lovely starry, hearty comments on my yesterblip. Keep warm and safe this weekend, blipmates!

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