Railway Robin

Barely a trace remains of the snow delivered by The Beast, and the temperature is so much warmer too. It's almost like we collectively hallucinated it all...

Over to see the Folks today to find my dad in the kitchen cursing cleaning the cooker. It was a long overdue job and consequently a very hard one! When I arrived he'd finished the hob and almost finished the small top oven/grill. 

He called it a day after that, leaving the main oven for me to do after I washed up the lunch dishes. It took ages, and when I finished both my rubber gloves and the scourer were only fit for the bin. My Dad and I both agree that Cillit Bang is more of a whimper...

I took this photo of a friendly little Robin who was flying around the platforms at the station when I was waiting to come home. My train was late, and it helped pass the time!

Back  home briefly, followed by a Tesco shop. I am shattered now! 

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